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Equipment for a summer rafting expedition

Depending on a season and whether it is hot, cold or rainy, different items will be needed for your white water rafting expedition. During summer, a good protection from the sun is the most important and necessary item. A synthetic shirt would be a good protection from the sun and for warmth, along with a bathing suit or shorts that can get dried quickly. Since it will be sunny during the whole day, sunglasses with a retainer strap would be perfect for the situation. Footwear is very important too. Wetsuit boots or sneakers would be the best solution absolutely. You will need a hat with a brim for your face protection. Avoid using any cotton clothing because it gets cool when it gets wet. The best materials are the ones that were woven and are loose like polyester, polypro, micro fleece, wool or any other quick dry material.

Avoid being barefoot or wearing anything that can expose your feet, skin or toes. White water rafting can be quite uncomfortable and unsafe if a river gets wild for some reason, which can happen at all times so, it is better to have the necessary equipment that will protect you and keep you dry and warm. Anything waterproof is more than welcome.

A rainy or a winter rafting expedition

During winter, it can get a bit cold so waterproof and windproof jacket is a must or a windproof jacket with a waterproof outer layer. You will need a warm, snug and thin hat and synthetic shirts with long sleeves and layers. If it is really cold outside, it would be good to have synthetic underwear as well as synthetic socks or wool. Combining all these items with a wetsuit that you can rent with your rafting operator would be the best thing to do absolutely. The most recommended thing to do is to try to stay dry as longer as possible. All these items will protect your body from the water and coldness but, you can always take more precautions if you want to make your rafting into an unforgettable adventure, full of funny situations and stories. So, always remember, boots, splash tops, wetsuits are always the most important items that you need to have for these extreme conditions.

Some of the items need to be on the raft at all times. For example, carabiners are very important for your safety. Carabiners are taking care of your attachment to the raft so it is crucial to have those always prepared and ready in case that you need them. It is also important to have a waterproof bag or a backpack that can help with the storage of spare dry shoes, socks and clothes and other items like warmer gear. In case you get wet or temperature goes down, it is always good to have those supplies stored and ready. With all this, you are more than ready for your white water rafting adventure. Go for it.