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10 Best Places For Outdoorsy Types To Live

For a large number of individuals, kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing and hiking are activities they get to enjoy only while on vacation. However, for the lucky ones who live in outdoor spaces, the above activities are just accessible in their backyards. These individuals, ranging from career outdoor experts to weekend warriors, reside in communities that accommodate the outdoorsy type. Some of the 10 best places for outdoorsy types to live include:


There are approximately 70,000 residents living in Portland. Residents here know how to balance rugged adventure with the urban hipness. The town of Maine gives residents the opportunity to live the play-hard/ work-hard lifestyle. To get away from the busy city, Portlanders visit the beach located at Pophman to relax and rest. People who enjoy kayaking and canoeing can go to Casco Bay to paddle the calm waters. Additionally, the Bradbury Mountain offers an ideal spot for climbing, hiking, and mountain biking. Other spots ideal for kayaking and canoeing include Highland Lake, Haskell Pond and Beaver Pond.

Nevada in Las Vegas

Some of the things that come in mind when you think of Las Vegas are celebrities, casinos and bright lights. However, this city is also known for great outdoor activities. You can choose to visit the Zion National Park which is among the best locations for hiking and climbing. The Bootleg Canyon ridges are a good spot to watch the numerous kinds of wildlife such as bighorn sheep, lizards, owls and coyotes. If you love winter sports, you can head to Mount Charleston for snowboarding and skiing. The rapids in the Colorado River are ideal for rafting.


Even though Bend, Ore is undergoing a rapid increase in population, the town is not yet crowded. Bend town is renowned for great outdoors. Outdoor adventures are now settling in as a result of skiing and water sports. You can choose to climb Smith Rock or go for kayaking, canoeing or rafting in the Deschutes River. Additionally, the Deschutes National Forest is an ideal spot for hiking while on the hand, Black Butte for mountain biking.

Costa Brava in Spain

This is an excellent location for beach lovers who desire a laid-back European way of life and taking a revitalizing hike along the trails in a breathtaking town. You can have lunch in a peaceful fishing village and later go for hiking in the Cap de Creus. Not only does Costa Brava boast of a perfect landscape, but it is also perfectly set on the attractive Mediterranean Sea.

Boone- North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Mountains engulf the town of Boone, N.C, making it very cool during the summer months including August and July. This is contrary to other parts in the American South that scorch hot during summer. This town boasts of mountains, rivers and parks that provide nearly every kind of outdoor adventure. The Pisgah National Forest is best for hiking, rock climbing and mountain climbing. The town is also renowned for the Appalachian State University rich in enrichment and cultural activities for the entire family.


The Durango-Colo is located in the Southwest of Denver. This is an ideal location for any outdoor lover. The Rockies offer the best environment for ice climbing, mountain biking, skiing and hiking. The Native American influences and the landscape in Durango is a reminder of the American Southwest. Durango is about 56km from the Mesa Verde National Park where you can see the ruins of the ancient Pueblo people known as Anasazai.

North Conway- New Hampshire

Even though majority of Americans prefer the west for mountain climbing setups, North Conway is among the best locations for mountain climbing such as the Mount Washington. Some popular activities in Conway include rock climbing, kayaking, ice climbing and hiking.

Washington D.C.

Most people do not see Washington D.C as a place for adventure. However, numerous people living here go outside to places surrounding the nation’s capital for a break. Due to its moderate cold winters and hot, wet summers, Washington provides several seasonal outdoor adventures. The Potomac River is good for rowing, kayaking, canoeing and sailing. Additionally, the George Washington State Forest, Virginia and Great Falls are perfect for hiking and mountain biking.

South Bohemia in Czech Republic

The south Bohemia has unexplored spots ideal for hikers. You can choose to hike through the heavily wooded forests that open up to fascinating hillside villages and attractive farmlands. Hiking is the famous activity in Czech Republic and this is evident by its trails.


This town is a combination of excellent outdoorsy adventure and perks of small-town livelihood. The unspoiled landscape of Ely draws outdoor enthusiasts. You can experience adventure in Ely all year round making it the best spot. The area is renowned for activities like snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, biking and canoeing. Even though the town is popular for its lakes, it is also home to hiking and bike trails inside the Superior National Forest. Also, experience a spectacular view of the remains of glaciers, small lakes and the glacier-curved ridges from the Secret-Black Stone Overlook.

Enjoy time with your family and marvel at Mother Nature by visiting the above places.