What to Bring on a Whitewater Rafting Trip

You will surely get wet during a whitewater rafting trip so you need to prepare thoroughly for the trip. Whitewater trip operates throughout the calendar year in rain or sunshine, during summer or cold winter. If you turn up prepared for a whitewater adventure, there is nothing to worry about and you will soon adapt to the local environment, and fully enjoy the fun.

Usually, commercial whitewater rafting operators offer food and drinks to clients as well as all other basic equipment required during a whitewater rafting expedition. The only items that clients bring with them to the expedition are personal belongings. Personal belongings required in a whitewater rafting are classified into three major categories including the ones to be worn after the expedition, those to be worn on the river and items to be carried in the raft.

Items worn on the River during a summer whitewater rafting expedition

The first item required is a synthetic shirt for protection from the sun and for warmth. Quick dry bathing suit or shorts are also necessary as well as sunglasses bearing a retainer strap. Another requirement is sturdy footwear comprising of strapped sandals without flip-flops, wetsuit boots and sneakers. A hat fitted with brim is also necessary for protecting the face against the sun. It’s advisable not to put on cotton clothing because cotton becomes chilly when wet.

Woven and loose materials for instance polypro, polyester, wool, micro fleece, waterproof jacket and fleece or other quick dry material are recommended for whitewater rafting trip. Barefoot or crocs are not recommended because they are unsafe and uncomfortable for whitewater rafting. Instead, you should wear sandals that lock around the ankle or old tennis shoes, which you don’t mind wetting.

Items worn on the river during a winter or rainy whitewater expedition

One of the item required is an outer layer of waterproof and windproof jacket. A snug, thin and warm hat is also necessary for the whitewater rafting adventure. Another item required is synthetic layers and long sleeve shirts. Wool or synthetic socks as well as a long synthetic underwear layer are also necessary for the whitewater rafting trip. On top of that, you should consider hiring a wetsuit from the rafting operator. It’s advisable not to put on any cotton item during a winter whitewater trip because cotton becomes chilly when wet.

Items worn during the whitewash rafting trip

Such items include a package of dry shoes, clothes and socks as well as a warmer gear in case of cool temperatures following a whitewater rafting trip. A bag for carrying the wet clothes is also required after the trip.

Items carried in the raft during the whitewater rafting adventure

Such items include a pocket-size sunscreen tube, a water bottle fitted with carabiners for attachment to the raft, and snacks in the case where the rafting operator doesn’t offer them.

Other precautions

It’s advisable to stay dry or dry off fast after a whitewater rafting adventure in order to keep warm. The rafts have a limited space so you should reduce the items you carry to only essential ones. It’s also not a wise idea to carry towels inside the raft because they will surely get wet in the trip. Whitewater rafting operators rent basic items such as booties, wet suits, and splash tops so its advisable to rent them than purchase them personally.